Water vapor from the ambient air around us is drawn into SOURCE via fans and absorbs onto special material.
Pure waters desorbs into an air-tight system and is condensed into SOURCE.
Liquid water flows into reservoir and is materialized.
Drinking water passes through flavor polishing cartridge before dispensing at the tap.
SOURCE Hydropanels connect to a mesh network and are monitored for production and quality.
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Is to bring pride back to the City of Flint by providing jobs, positive environmental impact and a recurring source of funding for water improvement projects. With SolAir, a portion of all revenue will be given to Flint Water Fund for citywide healing.


Business To Business

Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies need access to clean medical grade water. 

From medical facilities and manufacturing plants to the food industry and pharmaceuticals, SolAir provides your business with the highest quality of medical grade distilled water. SOURCE’s innovative technologies create a water free from the minerals or impurities that could interfere with the performance of your machinery and products. There is no infrastructure to compromise the quality of your water, and our bulk delivery options remove the burden of plastic bottle disposal. With SolAir, your business benefits from the cleanest water possible, while also preserving the environment and giving back to communities in need.  

Business To Consumer

Hospitality, event and restaurant customers want premium bottled water. They expect quality and SolAir is the water company to deliver. 

While most premium drinking water brands focus solely on taste, we created premium drinking water that tastes great while also reducing our impact on the environment. Our curated mineral composition was designed for optimal mouthfeel and alkalinity, so with SolAir, your customers can enjoy water they love, and feel good about making a choice that’s better for the planet.

We strive to keep every aspect of our product as sustainable as possible, offering glass containers and paper carton packaging options. 


When natural disasters occur, it becomes extremely critical to get clean water on the ground quickly.

SolAir offers sub-licenses and branding opportunities across various markets. We strive to work with new and existing entrepreneurs in areas around the world where water crises exist. With our sub-licensing option, you can create your own company utilizing the same technologies we employ to create the highest quality water. SolAir seeks to work with for-profit businesses that are committed to social missions. That’s why we require the same bottom line model for each of our sub-licensees. A percentage of all sales must go towards a water related cause. With a SolAIr sublicense, you can promote clean water within your community, while preserving the environment and creating generational wealth. 

Our Products

Premium Drinking Water Made from Sunlight and Air for Uncompromised Quality and Sustainability

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